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Caring For Jewelry

My top Five Quick Tips to care for your jewelry.

(One) when you’re not wearing your sterling store in an airtight zip lock bag to prevent oxidation (tarnish).

(Two) the more you wear your sterling the less tarnished it gets. Silver had a natural response to the oil in your skin and will tarnish less the more it is worn.

(Three) when cleaning your silver at home avoid any harsh dips or cleansers, as this will eventually wear away the finish of any silver & gold jewelry. Use a soft cloth or silver jewelry cloth to wipe away any build up. Never use anything but a soft cloth on beads, gems or leather!

(Four) when storing your jewelry (especially if has been strung) store flat in a circular pattern (as opposed to folded in half) to maintain its shape and prevent stretching or breakage.

(Five) take your jewelry off before you go in the ocean or pool. Silver beads and leather do not like chlorine or salt water.