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Minimal & Meaningful


Classic round stones in bright shades are distinguished by hundreds of high-cut facets, for lustrous shine from every angle.

A celebration of rich color

A collection dedicated to uniquely cut gemstones and spirited color

"Energy and Vitality"

By wearing high-cut silver pyrite you can expect an increase in your levels of energy and vitality. Paired with a high-cut lolite, which has the powerful ability to stimulate the imagination. Flanked with pyrite enhancing your ability to be assertive.

 "Grounding and Balancing"

Hematite crystals aid in excellent grounding, balancing & protective energy. Paired with a high-cut sapphire which helps calm & focus your mind. Flanked with pyrite to increase creativity.

"Excitement and Adventure"

Green Aventurine crystals have a strong ability to amplify energy, paired with high-cut Labrodite which is a protection from negativity.  Flanked with pyrite allow ideas to flow freely.

"Lightness and Joy"

Amethyst is exceptional for calming and focusing the mind, allowing the release of mental tension.  Paired with moonstone to help aid women to embrace their own personal power. Flanked with pyrite allow ideas to flow freely.

"Self Confidence"

Blue Apatite helps you accept yourself as you really are, and to gain greater self confidence. Paired with high-cut Labrodite is a protection from negativity. Can charge you with a sense of excitement and adventure. Flanked with pyrite allow ideas to flow freely.

 CUSTOM  RUNE STAMP for your own personal amulet.

Higher Reasoning & mental ability  {Mannaz}
Partnership {Gebo}    
Acquisition of creative wisdom {Ansuz}
Prosperity {Othila} 
Strength {Uruz}
Rebirth {Perth}

Willpower {Nauthiz}

Balance {Inguz}

Transformation {Eihwaz}

Protection {Algiz}   

Personal Power {Fehu} restore self-confidence

Joy {Wunjo}

Reward {Jera}

Wisdom {Kano}

Courage {Teiwaz}

silence and true listening {Berkana}

Power {Ehwaz}

Flow {Laguz}

Distruption {Hagalaz}

Journey {Raido}

Breakthrough  {Thurisaz}

Success {Dagaz}

Patience {Isa}

Energy {Sowelu}


If you need helping walking through the perfect piece, please email me and I can personally help you.  I am so passionate about this one.