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Buddha Bar


The original inspiration behind this piece was in spring 2020 our daughter was chosen to go on a mission trip to build latrines in remote India.   I designed this bracelet to represent all those on the trip to remind each to rejoice in their success, persevere through hard times, and without fail have each others back.   For obvious reasons it didn't happen.  I wore that sample without ever taking it off for three years - tattered and dirty but when I looked down it always reminded me of the intention behind it.

Three years later I finished it and I hope you enjoy wearing it.  A new version  is also back on my wrist.   I named it "sisterhood" after listening to Michelle Obama (girl crush) describe her "kitchen table"  seated with 10 of her girlfriends who always had her back, and her them. 

This piece is meant to be worn everyday.  In fact I encourage it. 



Divine Pink
Sacred Slate
Enlightened Gold