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Queen Mama

This necklace was designed by The Queen Mother of Dagbamete, Ghana.  I have been truly inspired by this woman and her commitment to bringing a better life to the women and children who live in her village.   She is a true hero to those who know her.  Beyond this, she has inspired me as I have never in my life seen a person more genuinely focused on those around them.   For us artist types focusing can sometimes be a challenge!

All my designs that have been inspired by the artists in Ghana will be apart of my ONE LOVE collection.  We just have to start there and everything will follow.

Uplifted by Mother Nature's astounding beauty, these beautiful triple strand necklaces are made from Atsikpeyra [ah-cheek-pay-YEAR-a] seeds.   


The beads were strung in Dagbamete  by Sena & Precious and I executed Queen Mama's design in Toronto.

3 strands of seeds measuring 18, 19.5, 21".  Accented with a chunky sterling silver clasp

A portion of sales will be used to support sewing equipment procurement to help with skills-based education for the Girls and Boys Club of Dagbamate, Ghana.  

Being a part of the solution to help change lives.

Wear this necklace proudly knowing you have done something to make someone else life a little better, we all have the ability to pay it forward.

exclusive & one of a kind

Each piece comes with a hand-made "one love" jewellery pouch